Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

take 24: 20.2.2013


Doors open 20h/Films start 20h15.

A Night with Animations from Russia Japan and elsewhere and the BIG feature of Jan Svankmajer's

Surviving Life (Theory and Practice) 

 20h40, Slovakia, 109 min, czech with english subs

 Eugene is an old clerk, seemingly happy in his marriage and boring office job. But this changes when he starts to have very vivid and bizarre dreams featuring a beautiful woman dressed in red.

Instead of trying to get rid of these dreams, Eugene wants to experience MORE of them, so he enlists the help of a psychoanalyst to try and explain what's happening. Their efforts are successful and Eugene gets to spend more time with the red woman, but he dangerously risks becoming addicted to his dreams and the alternate life he lives within them...

Short Screens:

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